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13 Reasons why you need Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance was not much needed in the early years of the Web, things were used primitive there was no need for the website maintenance. You could have simply employed a website development specialist, pay the huge sum of money, maybe thousands of dollars, and be done. Your website then would then be there in the world of Internet and all the traffic would start arriving at your site. At that time Websites didn’t need any extra attention and maintenance to be done on the regular basis except for the small change or addition of the content and that too was a rare sight in that time. Business sites were also not prone to the global hacking attacks. But in recent times, things have changed a lot and the need for the website maintenance has been increased.

Website Maintenance By I Maintain Sites


Why we need Website Maintenance Services?

In Recent times, the development of the small business website is more affordable than previous days depending on who you have hired for the job. Today you can get Professional Website for few thousand bucks maybe $1000 to $2000 instead of $15K+. There will always be the Website Development firms that have a team of talented staff and charge a premium fee for it. These type of firms provide the good quality products but many of which don’t satisfy the budget of many Businesses, Professionals or Individuals. One time cost of Website designing is affordable nowadays but to keep a website on-going and updated it needs regular website maintenance services to keep it running smoothly. Most of the firms have the similar types of Website maintenance services but what does this includes , what more is needed and Why you and your business need this service by I Maintain Sites?

Here some quick and useful reasons you don’t wanna miss out:

  1. Domain Domain name for a website is just like a Brand name for the firm. Which is needed to be taken care of, We take care of your precious domain name and make sure to take care of it so that no one else steals it away from you.
  2. Website Hacking In recent days the hacking of websites is a common matter which causes a great harm to not only the online site as well as the name of the brand in the real world. The main task to prevent it, We take care of the security of your website and ensure that no one else is able to steal your important data or to make any type of harm to your online business.
  3. Backups —If by any chance your website gets hacked and has been infected very severely to such an extent that it got totally wiped out and you need to start building it again.To solve this situation we regularly take backups of your website to latest update so that if a hacking attack takes place, the site can again be online within few minutes, not days or months.DON’T WORRY YOU ARE SAFE…!!!!
  4. CMS Security Audits and Updates Content Management Software Like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla needs to be regularly updated and get the security audits so as to prevent any misfortune.We safely performs the tasks to keep it updated and secured in all directions and keeps the regular backups just in any case if some thing went wrong.
  5. Search Engine Optimization — SEO is just as IMPORTANT to a website as marketing for your business in real world. We connect your online business to the Google and Other major Search Engines so that your website never went missing from the world on internet and helps you boost your online presence on the online market.
  6. Add new functionalities As the time passes by websites also needs to add some new latest features and functionalities but to get it integrated is bit tricky as it needs to be working just fine with existing code. We take this task on our self and integrates the latest and up-to dated features to your website . So that your website is up-to mark with the current standards of the Internet world.  
  7. Add social media page Social media is just important to business as it is important to you, Your business needs to be connected to the potential costumers and followers, So as to cater the large audience at once portals like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the modes of the business to stay connected with the large number of audience. We Integrate all your social media accounts on your website so that you and your costumers never stay UN-updated.
  8. SSL certificates Installation  —SSL are the certificates that is needed in the recent times and helps maintaining the trust of the clients for the website in case of any sensitive data like ( credit/debit card details ) are being used on the portals. SSL certificates also provide trust of your site on Search Engines and helps in getting good Search Engine Rankings. We Provide, Install the SSL Certificates and make sure they are working perfectly well for you.
  9. Virus Removal —In case of technology VIRUS is not a small issue rather a BIG ONE , It can cause a huge damages to your online business and data. It is impossible to be totally virus free but We here at I MAINTAIN SITES insure to make your servers 99.9% virus free and keep all your data and website totally secure in all possible manner.

  1. Chat services Chat Services are new in market YOUR CLIENTS NEEDS YOU TO BE AVAILABLE FOR THEM JUST AS WE ARE FOR YOU, to make this happen we integrate various chat services like ZenDesk, Twak etc. that are available in market to your website
  2. Site Updates —In recent times your website need to be regularly updated in all possible manner like your contact details are changed, any new product or service is introduced or to update new price, testimonial or images. Our Website Maintenance Service can do anything you like You name it and it is done. We are available by all mediums like E-mail and Phone to cater all your needs, full fill your update request and make sure that it is done on time.
  3. Blog — If you own a blog or want to own a one WE ARE THERE TO HELP YOU OUT. We can create a blog for you and give you a special login so that you can do it your self or alternatively we can always do this for you just E-Mail us your new content and it will be uploaded within some time.
  4. Google Analytics —Whats better if you can track your websites working online performance, We integrate Google Analytics in your website and monitor it regularly to provide you with the real-time reports related to your website so that you can analyze your performance regularly and enhance it further.


What have we further concluded?

Now that you have 13 solid reasons so as to why to avail website maintenance services of I Maintain Sites, do you need our Website Maintenance Services? Many small and medium businesses all around the globe have already tried and hired us for this Website maintenance services. They already have a website and just need someone to maintain and manage it. Whatever is your website’s requirement DON’T WORRY WE ARE THERE TO FULFILL IT ALL.

We are there and Happy to help! Feel free to call us on 1- 212-292-5676 , 1- 908-200-2020 or mail us at or just click the link CONTACT US and let us contact you. GIVE US A TRY AND WE BET YOU’LL NOT REGRET AT ALL…!!!!!!!

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