Website maintenance checklist 2018

How to Do it Yourself Website Maintenance Checklist for 2018

Before starting on Implementing a proper site schedule, which will also be your most critical marketing tool, we developed How to Do-it-Yourself for 2018 to keep your site visitors coming back to your site more frequently, generate more business and for you to stay ahead of your competition.  The frequency of these maintenance chores is daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and every ten years (If a site shall make it that long, hopefully).

Website Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance Checklist should be, on the top of the “To-Do list”, for website owners and managers but unfortunately, it generally is not.  Just like other activities in our lives, when it comes to touch and feel components like cars we remember to take care of our cars, for an oil change every 3000 miles or 3 months. But for virtual properties, it just does not dawn on us, until the site breaks down, or it is not producing the results it needs to.  In fact, in most cases, the site owners don’t even realize just how bad the user experience can be on their sites.

In the mechanical parlance, there is a process called “Preventive Planned Maintenance” (PMO). We are using that analogy here for websites (Virtual properties). Site maintenance is a very large subject, hence it is important to clarify at the outset, what this article will not address. These are major subjects and need a separate article for each of these topics.

In general, that would construe to be a new project, an upgrade, re-design, or an ongoing process of the site that is not covered in this article:

  1. Adding new functionality(is): such as adding a shopping cart, news ticker, or any admin function etc.
  2. Redesigning the site (except for changing an image or a content copy paste etc)
  3. Creating an interactive or animated content such as Virtual tour, etc.
  4. Search Engine Optimization, PPC and or Marketing in any form
  5. Creating a new corporate Identity and logo creation or revisions
  6. Content writing
  7. Photography and or video creations

Using the automobile metaphor, this article deals with stuff that would be akin to an oil change every 90 days or so that would also include checking tire pressure, topping up radiator etc. What this article will cover is:

General maintenance, issues that are WORDPRESS specific, or Non-WP Sites or HTML5 sites specific, and Mechanical or automatic management such as plugin etc.

It is very obvious that automation, has its place in our world, particularly in the web, but automation also, has its severe limitations, otherwise, why would we have a driver, in driverless cars? Or a pilot, observing the dashboard in the control pit, when the plane flies on an autopilot. You got the point.  If everything could be done in such non-human intervention from then why are humans on this earth?

Website maintenance checklist 2018

Assuming that when your site was launched, it was tested adequately. If not, then here is a Website Maintenance Checklist that you may want to go through for your site. Next is testing. Assuming that your site was tested mechanically and by humans thoroughly, and you do not have any issues with the UI, UX, DB, hosting servers etc.

Then the order of the basic Website Maintenance Checklist is:

Before you start:

  1. Setup backup service, for daily back up of a database and at least weekly for entire These, should be on a separate server. There is nothing worst that the assumption that the site will be back up automatically and find out that it was not. At times some web hosting companies will provide this service (often it is free), but good is it if it on the same machine or farm or building. If there is an issue entire configuration is effected. Hence it makes sense to have another location, different machine outside to have a backup copy. Imagine looking all work that needs to be redone, could have been saved by few minutes checkup. It takes few minutes to check the backup your copy. There are several third-party SMTP  to send emails from your web server.
  2. Install Google Analytics on your website
  3. Sign up for Google Console to confirm your site
  4. Monitor site’ security with automatic scanning.
  5. Monitor website uptime.
  6. Set up site outage Just like back up, you would want a one time initial set up of an automatic monitoring software setup so if your site does go down, unfortunately, at the very minimum you want to know by an email or a text. is a piece of software that will run on your computer continuously while monitoring your website that is also running on the same PC. As long as your computer is operational but, if the site not, then, this software will notify you. siteup Here again as a back up a human check is necessary at some interval. It takes few minutes to see if the site is rendering when you type the URL in your browsers search bar, Make sure that clear your computer cache memory by holding down “Ctrl” (Control key) and “F5” (key in the top row of your keyboard) simultaneously one more time after the site has populated to ensure that it did not come from the previous loading.
  7. Check Domain Registration Information. Ensure that your registration information is correct and still valid as it was when you signed up.
  8. Add a 404 error page and site maintenance page

Here is the Website Maintenance Checklist for 2018.

Daily site Check :

  1. Ensure that backups are made and stored off-site
  2. Check and remove spam
  3. Check for any broken links. Over time hyperlinks do break.  Test external links with a link checker. Eliminate Dead Links- They are  Free site Dead Link Checker. Alternatively, check under Crawl > Crawl Errors in Google Search Console. For incoming links, use the Redirection plugin. It keeps track of anyone coming to a non-existent page on your site and allows you to redirect them to more suitable URLs.
  4. Check for 404 errors and resolve or redirect
  5. Review site and content statistics, visitors locations and conversion sources and adjust accordingly
  6. Review emails sent from the web server
  7. Test Website Speed. Every time, a new element is added to your site, it is important to re-test the download speed.

Weekly Site Checks:

  1. Page loading speed
  2. Check forms functionality
  3. Create new weekly blog post.
  4. Software Updates. Third-party software, fore-commerce or content management do upgrade them periodically and when to do, you need to do the same on your site.
  5. Analyze Your Statis Monitor your traffic, for which pages were entered, time spent on that page, bounce rate, referring sites, the location of visitors, and which keywords/phrases brought your visitors to you.
  6. Search Engine Results. Watch search results and take action to correct if needed.

Monthly Site Checks:

  1. Ensure site loads under 3 seconds on the un-cached machine.
  2. Optimize the database
  3. Review security scans. Scan for malware and signs of hacking. Hacking is a real threat and being proactive is the only solution. There are several tools for security checkups: Sucuri SiteCheck, WordFence, WP Antivirus Site Protection, Quttera Web Malware Scanner
  4. Review local search visibility.
  5. Update Your Portfolio- Clients want to current work
  6. Review meta title and meta description tags
  7. Update software, Content Management System, and plugins Consolidate Plugins And Themes. Check to see if these are still worth keeping
  8. Mass mail to your monthly newsletter and email marketing system.
  9. Reputation Management. Google Alerts, can monitor your website name, your name, your brand and your content If there any issue, you can take action in real time. You can also see who is linking to you and who is using your site content without your permission.
  10. Spam. If you have permitted commenting on your site, it is very liable to attract WordPress collects huge spam hence an anti-spam plugin will free you up from wasting time in cleaning these up manually

Quarterly Site Checks:

  1. Review website architecture, images, content etc for improvements
  2. Implement automation for routine work
  3. Test site on all different browser and mobile devices etc.
  4. Validate site for latest W3C and mobile standards.
  5. Review advertising campaigns
  6. Mock-up exercise to restore from recent backup on a separate web server
  7. Review hosting server performance and uptime logs.

Yearly Site Checks:

  1. Update the copyright data
  2. Review all pages
  3. Renew site domains name registry

Decade Site Check:

  1. Review your Site’s strategy to ensure it meets your business needs
  2. Update Site design.

HOW MAY WE HELP YOU? Get Started Now to Grow Your Business

Routine stuff can be boring after a while, and that is why an outside dedicated vendor makes a lot of sense, for these mundane tasks.  Who shall be doing these tasks? Well, there are several options. You can do it yourself. Assign someone, in your company and or get an outside vendor to do it. My recommendation is that even if you are a very web savvy person, and even if it takes 20 minutes to do a task, it is probably a good idea to have someone, in your office as a back up for you.  Nothing beats a human-powered outside agency, as they are doing it for a living and hence are probably the most efficient and in turn hopefully most cost-effective.

Next, we need to understand as to how long will it take to do these chores and how much will it cost?  Whatever plan of action you have, it does not matter, as long as you do have a plan in place. That 0.01% chance of it going wrong can be very detrimental and it usually is when a client says that your site is down and besides the embarrassment, it could have cost you an order. Imagine how many such other potential client shave walked off who did not call you.

If you have missing or blurred images, unanswered feedback misspells, and or missing page titles on your website, then it is time, that you should look at our support.  You may be ignoring because you do not have the adequate manpower or financial muscles, and or believe that once the site goes live, it would be okay, it is not okay.

We want to show you that these tasks can lead directly to a higher quality user experience by the followings tasks for you:

  1. Publishing- Fresh content at your desired frequency
  2. Quality Assurance(error-free content)
  3. Monitoring your feedback and taking appropriate action
  4. Monitoring site performance.
  5. Make appropriate changes on your site.

Why Care About Website Maintenance, To Begin With? Neglecting basic website maintenance can have a negative impact in:

  1. Inferioruser experience
  2. lowering rankings in search engine results
  3. higher page load time
  4. Increasing the security threats

Need help? Let us save you time and run your site running smoothly. Connect with us. We also deliver tips by email.

When we launched, we were having similar issues ourselves, for our other in-house portals. Hence we designed our service around those experiences and the feedback from our customers who comprise small to medium size companies that cannot afford an IT department and also do not an expensive heavy duty IT Management firm.  We fit beautifully in that niche. We provide a mechanical plugin that is suitable for WORDPRESS and NON-WORDPRESS sites that will back up all your data on another server outside your current hosting server. A standard maintenance plan takes care of those routine tasks like checking if the site is up manually and check for any broken links. Then we do have a custom A la carte service, designed around your specific needs. Call us to discuss and you shall be surprised at how cost-effective value addition we can be for your organization. We will be there when you need us but will not show up like a sour thumb on every week’s payroll.

Regardless you whether you use us not you can advantage of our free services, like checking SEO, free trial website maintenance service for 14 days, free backup plugin, pre-launch sheet or maintenance checklist page. We would love to connect with you on anything Engineering or software or back office management etc. Whether it is within our product line or not. We can always create something new from scratch.

Why Should I_Maintains_Sites be your very best selection to do your website maintenance?  

Unlike most of our competitors, we employ a dedicated team of full-time designers and programmers just for site maintenance. We ensure that your site stays fresh, to perform better and improve your brand.

We use a project/task manager and you get an admin panel where you can send your requests 24x7x365 to get the replies and see the results in real time.  I_Maintains_Sites understands that no one maintenance plan will fit needs of everyone, so we have different plans, yet if you need we shall create a custom plan for you.

Would you like to connect with us? 888-601-5359  

What are Some of the Typical Website Updates that I_Maintain_Sites will perform?

Growing businesses and websites have different needs at different stages.  We shall provide:

  1. OVERALL SITE IMPROVEMENTS: Your customers shall be the real proof of your website’s performance and shall appraise it accordingly. Their feedback, questions, will be the proof.
  2. PRODUCTand or SERVICE UPDATES in real time: We shall update this information as we receive from you
  3. PROMOTIONS: We shall proceed with these in real time
  4. INTERACTIVITY MAINTENANCE: We have interactive tools for video and other management for that next desk experience. We shall improve your interactivity to reduce bounce rate and capture new business.

What’s Included in a Website Maintenance Plan?

  1. Additions or deletions of text, images, web pages, Navigation links, PDFs, documents, pre-edited videos etc
  2. Basic touching up of images for color and background etc
  3. Dynamic form layout and integration (that do not need any database integration, such as a Contact Us form)
  4. All Standard Support for setting up components such as e-mail etc.

What Can Extra work be done?

  1. We shall provide quotes for any changes that require more extensive work like new web page designs
  2. Navigation restructuring or redesign: Extensive changes to the site’s navigation
  3. Extensive image manipulation
  4. Video editing
  5. The new project or New site functionality: Shopping carts, news tickers, admin functions, etc.
  6. Site redesigns: More than 50% of site requested to be reworked or changed
  7. Interactive or animated features: Virtual tours, etc.
  8. Search Engine Optimization and PPC
  9. Corporate Identity and logo creation or revisions
  10. New content writing
  11. Photography or video creation
  12. Print or other marketing materials

We create digital tools for various verticals and productivity, that work together seamlessly across most platforms and devices. We do not just create tools for others, we use these tools ourselves too. These tools can be the starting point as DIY, hybrid or we handle all your manpower needs from employee monitoring to real-time collaboration to project management, scheduling, you name it, we have it covered for you. I and my team are standing by to assist you in any you need to make your presence felt on the internet or be productive in your business.

Vijay Kumar Chopra is the producer of Webbry and dozens of other IT properties. He is the key influencer in the company’s vision. He ensures that the needs of the investors, portals, users and people behind it are met adequately and promptly. Visit