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Frequently Asked Questions

I Maintain Sites, is a information technology and website maintenance service. We resolve issues, for one time ad hoc basis, or weekly / bi-weekly / monthly / yearly membership plans. We monitor any type of website regularly and upgrade content as needed. We are a full service IT / Software shop and will provide software / web services for logos, to videos to any software needs. Give us a try for free, for 30 days!
Usually if you provide all information to us in the first instance, and we have received the funds, we can activate your account with in few hours.
Depending on the membership plan you choose and the workload we have, we will respond with the agreement time (Invariably sooner). We also offer an SOS Service for any emergency needs.
A typical hour’s worth could be one (or may be more than one task) of the following:
  • Reviewing project and opening site files.
  • Updating and formatting 1-2 pages:
  • Update text
  • Update image
  • Proofing and spell checking
  • Uploading files to the website.
  • Browser testing 1-2 pages on FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari web browsers
It is difficult to assess time requirements for bug tracking, hacked conditions because unless we know the cause it is simply not feasible to assign a repair estimate. Finding the cause is where most of the time spent. Once we know the cause, fixing it usually is relatively simple thereafter.
Customers may Cancel / downgrade / upgrade There plan at any time. Our monthly fee is per calendar month or any part their of. If you have Purchased an annual plan and wish to cancel or amend, we shall charge for the number of months the service was active and refund the balance within 30 days of such notification.
For multiple sites, custom, one off or very complicated project(S), we create custom quotes. Please click here for a quote.
Yes always, that is most preferred mode of process, for images, videos, finished content and sites etc unless, authorizing us to do otherwise.
We do. At all times, we retain the IP rights to every image, content, codes etc that we have generated in house, unless it is a “Work for Hire”, in which case the rights are transferred to you upon full payment for same. Only custom quote and annual plans qualify for “Work for Hire” and IP rights release to the client.
All payments are in advance and paid in US dollars by PAYPAL. (Credit cards, checks etc as well through PAYPAL). “Ala Carte” work is estimated in hours per grade of service and we add minimum $100.00 to that estimate to cover any eventuality. Estimates are not guaranteed, especially if it is troubleshooting, bug tracking and or testing type of work. Fixed price is quoted for Logos (Up to 2 revisions), small forms, small revisions, images etc transferring files for smaller sites etc type of work only. Work where the entire scope of work can not be defined clearly, such as hacking, virus removal, Code check etc, we can neither furnish estimates nor undertake such work on a fixed price, as estimating the work is almost doing it, and finding the bugs is not one-time rinsing process. Invariably it is an incremental steps process.
Our servers are open 24 / 7 / 365 to receive information from clients. We test sites manually, between 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM USA EST when your traffic is probably less. We start uploading files as soon as the project has been tested and approved (24 hours basis).
Typically we can handle almost all types of IT / Software / Web site assignments. We do not undertake, any adult, gambling, or offensive types of contents.
Still not Satisfied . Please contact us with any specific inquiry.
Team IMS.