Author Topic: How is the payment effected?  (Read 510 times)

How is the payment effected?
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All payments are in advance and paid in US dollars by PAYPAL. (Credit cards , checks etc as well through PAYPAL). “Ala Carte” work is estimated in hours per grade of service and we add minimum $100.00 to that estimate to cover any eventuality. Estimates are not guaranteed, especially if it is troubleshooting, bug tracking and or testing type of work. Fixed price is quoted for Logos (Up to 2 revisions) , small forms , small revisions , images etc transferring files for smaller sites etc type of work only. Work where the entire scope of work can not be defined clearly, such as hacking , virus removal, Code check etc, we can neither furnish estimates nor undertake such work on a fixed price, as estimating the work is almost doing it, and finding the bugs is not one-time rinsing process. Invariably it is an incremental steps process.