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Fixing issues, Content update, Keyword update

Maintaining website is hard and time consuming

Information technology is the fastest moving business. Changes are very frequent and mind boggling. Unless you have the expertise and the time to keep your website / software current, you site is more likely than not, irrelevant to the Google bots. There are simply too many channels like social media, content generation that your competitors are working with to grow their business

We are your software Geeks

With a combined IT experience of over 100 years, we are poised to tackle almost any discipline, from graphic design to animation videos, front end HTML5, CSS, back end software, Databases, servers, and SEO etc

Fresh content at regular intervals

Search engines look for how often you have new content and then award you the rank accordingly in their index. Posting new content manually is very critical to comply with that need.

User Engagement

Google bots are watching how many users come to your site, which keywords they are going to, and how long they were there. Higher user interaction gives your site a higher rank. We create content for higher user interactions.

Virus Resistant

Keeping the code in the external drives in such manner that the hackers cannot get to it, yet the response time to the user is minimal is very essential to good coding.

Back up Data

We back up your data at predefined intervals so that in case of any mishaps, there is a data to go to and within minutes it can be re-populated. All sensitive data is stored away from the main servers.

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